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chibimonnie ([personal profile] chibimonnie) wrote2012-01-15 06:56 am

Heartbreak Update and Other Things

John and I got back together about a week after the break up. I laid down some conditions this time, though. He has been making an effort to be more communicative and is seeing a therapist. We had a lovely weekends together over Christmas and New Year's. Last weekend we went hiking at Pennypack Ecological Trust.

I think that's the last of the mild weather we're going to see for awhile. :( I think I'm going to retire somewhere warm. This cold weather is getting more difficult to deal with every year. I find I'm becoming less and less social the colder is gets. I want to hibernate until March!

All this unsocial time has left me with more free time. I'm putting it to good use by picking up my Buddhist studies again. I recently picked up The Lotus Sutra translated by Gene Reeves. I must admit to a fair amount of trepidation. The Introduction alone is pretty dense. I've also begun reading How to See Yourself As You Really Are by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a far more approachable book!

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