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chibimonnie ([personal profile] chibimonnie) wrote2011-10-02 08:03 am

An Open Letter to SPN Fandom

Dear Fandom,

I've seen a lot of ranting and raving in the wake of Friday's episode. Ladies, what's the #1 thing we've learned about this show? Things are rarely what they appear to be, especially if a character is possessed by a powerful being.

Supernatural is about Sam and Dean Winchester. All other characters, no matter how awesome, are not the central characters. Their stories revolve around the Winchesters. I love, love, love Castiel and Bobby; losing them would suck balls. But this is what makes the show so wonderful. The writers create these amazing characters and make us love them, so losing those characters is painful. However, Sam is totally bonkers right now. So we might not have seen what we thought we saw in regards to Bobby. Also, we haven't seen the Boss Leviathan since Cas walked into the reservoir. For all we know, he's holed up somewhere directing his minions through Edgar. Looking at this story strictly as a writer, I like what they're doing. They've given us an unreliable narrator; thereby, drawing us into Sammy's madness. The unreliable narrator is difficult to pull off, but the writers are doing it effectively. I found myself questioning everything, just as Sam was.

What was it Lucifer said in regards to torture? Something along the lines of "You can't torture somebody who has nothing left to lose"? And that's exactly what's happening to Sam right now. Losing Bobby would be a very painful torture for Sammy. How do we know this isn't just part of the madness? Also, head injury anyone? On top of madness? I'll bet a few things were shaken loose inside Sammy's noggin.

In summary, take a deep breath and give the story a chance to unfold before going ape-shit about what might or might not have actually happened.