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chibimonnie ([personal profile] chibimonnie) wrote2011-09-25 10:16 am

Kickstart Steampunk

Check out Dr. Fantastique's Show of Wonders magazine Kickstart project and help bring the magazine to print. Not familiar with the zine, then amble over to Dr. Fantastique's Show of Wonders. The zine includes happenings, music, reviews, stories- and (for my writerly type readers) is taking submissions!

What first grabbed my attention, though, was a call for submissions to Fantastique Gearworks, an imprint that publishes LGBTQ stories. Awesome, right? I've had a piece sitting around for years in dire need of revisions, but just couldn't find the right angle. I'm thinking I might give it a steampunk revamp. We'll see how it goes.