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chibimonnie ([personal profile] chibimonnie) wrote2011-09-24 09:41 am

In Which I Flail and Squee

Supernatural's season 7 premiere rocked my socks! I knew they'd rally from the season 6 finale. I think this one episode was better written than the entirety of season 6.

The season premiere of any show establishes the mood and themes to follow. Last season reunited the boys, but it was a flawed reunion. Ultimately, it was about things falling apart. When things fall apart, though, they make way for healing. And I felt that the season 7 premiere was about hope and healing. Of course, this being Supernatural, it'll be a bumpy ride.

Sam is still trying to take the burden off Dean, but in so doing all Sam has accomplished is to further alienate Dean. These boys do not communicate well. I'm glad that Sam's re-ensoulment has not magically mended their broken relationship. They have serious trust issues, which I hope they can resolve to some extent over the course of the season.

Castiel. Poor, flawed Cas trying so hard to make the world a better place. In the end he realized his mistake and was truly sorry. I think that given time he could have patched things up with Dean. Sam wanted to believe in Cas so badly and it was that belief which brought our broken angel around. It is so good to see Sammy back. I think I'm going to like the leviathan/Castiel. Misha Collins is brilliant. Love the way that he snaps from rigid Castiel to the grinning leviathan. Restrained to uncontrolled in the blink of an eye. OK, I admit it, I'm a sucker for Misha's smile and love any chance to see it. Shut up.

Death continues to be a BAMF in his oh so elegant and understated way. I hope we see more of him. So excited to see they didn't kill off Crowley. I love that snarky bastard. I also kind of love that Sam is being haunted by Lucifer. I hope we'll see more of him, too. As always, it's good to see Bobby.

For all the wonderful in this episode the thing that bothered me was Dean's alcoholic sulk. Honestly, I'm getting sick of it. The writers aren't really doing anything with Dean's character. I realize that Sam is at the crux of all this, but does that mean that Dean just gets to drink and sulk? Dean got pretty beat down last season emotionally speaking. I hope that this season will give him a chance to recover. The season got off to a great start and I hope that continues through the remaining episodes.