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5 Year Plan: An Epiphany

I keep hearing about the importance of making a Five Year Plan (primarily from my dad). It's something I struggle to do. And then while driving home from the grocery store this morning it hit me. My life's goals aren't tangible. I don't strive for things like social status, material wealth, or a position of power. When I'm my grandparents' age, I want to look back on a life filled with joy, freedom, and experiences. I want to have stories to tell, not money to count. That's not to say that I don't recognize the need for a certain amount of money; there are bills to pay after all. But beyond paying the bills, most of what I want doesn't cost money. And of the things I do want, what I do I really need? Family, friendship, learning, tranquility- none of these cost a dime and I already have them. I could die today with no regrets and say that I lived a fulfilling life.
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What kind of FYP? I mean, I don't know anyone with a firm five year plan. Even ones with good paying jobs, etc, etc...Seriously staying healthy, sane, and employed is the breadth and width of my plans. I have a strong yearning to live in the mountains of NC or the shores of NC (i'm not picky) but as far as a 'career' goes that is an out dated model of life in the 21st century. Now your parents like all parents (hopefully) may just be worried about you because you do not have a 'mate' and do not own a home. Again, out dated ways o' the world. I know my folks worry about that in regard to me. But as I have a hetero life partner in my BFF I am not so worried. You have a great Life plan and that is more important!
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Plans never survive first contact! That is why I prefer vague, misty maybe's, and 'that would be cool, we should do that' type of futures...

But he's your Dad, he worries. Remind him you put nothing but Good Karma out into the World and the World will take care of you. Life is good.