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chibimonnie ([personal profile] chibimonnie) wrote2011-09-06 08:08 pm
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Aye, I, Aikido

Tonight was my first night of aikido. It kicked my ass in all the right ways. The class is mixed levels with the more advanced students pairing up with the n00bs to spar. Sensei demonstrated what he wanted us to do, then we were off! My first partner was Pat, a woman about my height. She walked me through the motions step-by-step and Patty also stepped in to help. I also paired up with Eric and John. Each had their own style of demonstrating, but they were all so very patient. I was a little worried that working like this with men would be an anxiety trigger, but not even a twinge! I felt challenged by the lessons, but not intimidated. It's the kind of challenge that calls you back. Looking forward to Thursday's class!